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In the beginning Sukkot meant staying close to home, starving at the office and hours of frustrating Sukkah-Building...

Ever since the wonderful Cloud of Glory Sukkah in the desert, Jewish people have been trying to design the perfect replica: Easy set-up, good lookin', movable, light, bright and comfortable. In 1999, after 3311 years of ambitious attempts and close copies, the PopUp Sukkah was born and - POP! In three easy steps - with basically no assembly required - the PopUp Sukkah practically set itself up for immediate use.

Finally, families were able to pack up and hit the road for days at a time over Sukkot; businessmen were now able to enjoy comfortable meals right outside the office without obtaining permits to build a Sukkah; now, on your small porch or your roof, from your camping site to your pickup truck bed, your Sukkah was never far off! (WARNING: Don't drive truck with people still eating!)

The End? Hardly...
Nearly a decade after taking the market by storm, the PopUp is still the only portable Sukkah around that combines so many details of necessity, common comfort and simple simplicity. The PopUp Sukkah, designed in New Jersey, is now a bestseller in tens of outlets on three continents.

We are proud to stand behind our product and we know you will enjoy years of fun and stress-free Sukkot celebrations with the PopUp Sukkah at your side. We welcome your compliments and value your concerns to help us stay on top and constantly improve the modern-day miracle that is the PopUp Sukkah.

Take it easy! GO ANYWHERE!!!

Moshe & Yoni Ė Managing Directors

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